Feb 15 2013

“Happy birthday Momma Prizzy”

I normally don’t make things like this public. But this is special so why not?

This is for my idol…the number one person I look up to the most. The inspiration to every decision I make whether amazingly smart or utterly stupid. The person I think about every morning and pray for every night. My love before everything, the sweetest person I can name off the top of my head, my creator…My momma BOY! I LUH YA.

The reason why I’m typing this out is not only because I love you, but because I’m currently in New York chasing after a dream I told you I had 5 years ago. I’m always there for every birthday you have…ever since the beginning and this is my first birthday of yours I’ve been away for. I feel terrible, but the craziest thing about all of this is that you understand. You’re not mad at me at all for being over here without you. You actually want me to be over here doing what I do. At 14 I told you I wanted to be a star. Not once did you doubt me…and you found out yourself when you saw me making music in my room everyday for hours on end…I’m still that kid. What kind of mother let’s their kid be a rapper at 14? That’s crazy…you waved goodbye to me on my first flight ever to New York at 16 with tears in your eyes not knowing how I’d come out. Now look at me…I’m nowhere near a rich crazy mogul but I’m far grown from who/what I was at 16, that’s for sure. I grabbed the gift of independence off you. I’m a hard-headed, stubborn ass kid. Everybody can tell you that. It’s a gift and a curse…the gift was inherited off you, the curse? Well…meh let’s not concentrate on that.

At 19 you settled into age now. You left your family behind back home to start a life of your own to make their lives better. Your dreams came true, and then some. Not only did you help your family out and make a had 3 awesome ass kids with a great home. You did it mom, there aren’t any doubts to that…now it’s time for me to do the same.

The reason I’m this emotional wreck of a kid is partially because of you. Seeing everything you’ve been through with my father leaving made/makes me see how strong of a person you are. You’re the reason I want my own family, my own home with kids and a beautiful wife. I want to be a stable father, somebody that my father never was. You were never loved properly and I live every second of my love through you when it comes to a woman. I’m the worst when it comes to those creatures. Everybody tells me I have a problem and I’ve seen that recently…my focus gets thrown off and I definitely need to work on that and learn my lesson. You told me prioritize though, that I will do for you momma. I promise you.

Last year, you found out you were diagnosed with cancer. You didn’t break a sweat…it surprised everybody. You were told you had 6 months to live, and look at you momma…look at you, you’re still alive! Every day you FIGHT to live not only for yourself but for your family. I have petty problems every second but not one of them are as bad as what you’re going through and you’re tanking it out like a G. I Skype called you last night and you were smiling…laughing, and smiling. How? How can you be so happy at a time like this? Every time we talk to tell me to treat every day like a blessing. You lecture me for hours on how precious life is and I believe you. You are indeed the strongest person I know…and in time, I could tell everybody that my mother beat cancer. I promise you, you’ll make it out of this.

You’re my everything mom, nothing will ever get in the way. I know I never call you, nor give you the right time of day due to my business but I want you to know there isn’t a day where I’m not walking around picturing the future I can give us. I promise you a house, with a huge garden that you can celebrate your life in. I can’t say you won’t have to work anymore, because I remember be day you told me “even when you’re making millions I’m still going to be working on weddings and flowers because it’s my passion. I don’t care about money”.. And that is where I draw all the inspiration to do what I do best. Make wonderful music.

There are so many more things I want to tell you and the world, but I’m saving that for your 50th.. I’ll have my life together by then and you’ll still be alive and well. Celebrate today mom. I know you’re in the hospital, but miles away I’m over here breathing every breath you’ve given me and I’m the happiest kid in the world to know somebody like you.

I love you Rose.

Happy birthday.

All my fans, tweet @mommaprizz and wish her a very happy birthday, follow her for her inspiring updates and pray for her.

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